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REMINDER NOTICE - TODAY,  March 7th at 4:30PM Eastern Time - we are proud to feature ' Only Trade THESE 5 BANK TRADE TIMES in Futures/FX/Equities ' presented by Michael Lydick, Co-Founder, Developer & Lead Trader of


There are 3-5 high probability bank times every session, in every market, that institutions are communicating to one another and telegraphing moves in advance. The first trader to notice these times was WD Gann nearly 100 years ago. I'll show you how to teach your computer to find and alert you to these times and directions 5 days in advance.

90% of traders are failing, or really struggling - because the 'game is rigged' folks.

For over 10 years, we've everyone from single moms to multi-million dollar fund managers how to leverage the TIMES banks use to trade with software that has become an integral component of their once failing trading plans.

Knowing WHEN to trade in advance, and calmly waiting for that time - can make all the difference.

During this sixty-minute live session, Michael will be teaching you...
a) The 5 timing patterns banks are using every day in futures and forex to set their next moves up.
b) The 2 highest probability TIME trade setups you can master right now.
c) How to manually - without any software - identify the 3-5 times banks will most likely trade at (an in what direction), for the next 24 hours after the class.

This is a non-hypey-marketing-free-high-pressure-sales-pitch-free class for people who are sick, tired, and cynical when it comes to trading. People who are tired of the same old reconstituted lagging indicator systems taught by ego-maniac discretion laden gurus.

This is for people who know the markets are rigged...who want to trade using the same edges that the banks have - and level off that playing field, once and for all.

Come see the most unique trading method - one that has existed and withstood the test of time over a century - at this TRULY life altering seminar.

Get ready by:

Learning a little more about the method before the webcast - see our instructional series of videos here

Taking our free demo video here

Don't miss this session
Register Here for Tuesday, March 7th at
4:30PM EST / 3:30PM CST / 1:30PM PST
We're looking forward to having you ALL There!



Michael Lydick
SKYPE NAME: Integra-Michael

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