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REMINDER NOTICE - Today, Tuesday, July 10th at 4:30PM Eastern Time - we are proud to feature ❝You Can Be WRONG & STILL WIN at Trading! The ZENNER GUN Strategy - The ONLY Profitable Way to Trade! presented by Boyan Atanassov, Founder, Chief Developer & Lead Trader

In the above video, one can see how Boyan is launching the ZennerGUN EA, which is one of the 4 concurrent EAs that comprise the Z4 group of EAs which work together in tandem, aimed in different directions, in order to accommodate ALL possible directional moves of the market, leading to a net positive outcome.  After dragging and dropping the EA from MT4 Navigator toolbar, Boyan is loading a Preset of parameter values, that he has predefined for the current market conditions according to his trading plan, and desired goals.

After pressing the OK button, the EA gets activated and its GUI (Graphic User Interface) appears in the corresponding chart window for the specific currency pair on the screen.  
Thereafter, what can be seen is how Boyan double clicks on the Pending Order’s Entry line, and drags it to its desired location in the chart, where he drops it with the mouse. Then he selects the Stop Loss Line level, which accompanies the Pending order, and drags it upwards, increasing the number of pips for the Stop Loss. One could see how, while Boyan drags the Stop Loss away from the order Entry Line, The Take Profit Line Levels automatically get moved downward, increasing the number of pips between Entry Level and Take Profit Level. This is because in the bottom right hand side of the screen there is a toggle-button named Aspect Ratio ON, which determines the behavior of the Stop Loss adjusting action. When ON, the Take Profit level gets moved in proportion to the number of pips of the Stop Loss Level. If the Stop Loss is set in a 1 to 2 Risk Reward ratio, when the Stop is moved 10 pips away from the Entry Point, the Take Profit Level will be moved to x2 or 20 point away from the Entry Level, thus preserving the original ratio for Risk Reward of 1 to 2.

After successfully completing the manual mouse adjustment for the SHORT order that can be seen on the screen, one can witness how the Pending order gets HIT by the Market on the BID side and the Pending Short orders gets converted into a Market Short Order.  
The Red rectangle illustrates the range from Entry to STOP, while the blue rectangle shows the range between Entry and Take Profit, for the corresponding Risk Reward setup.   The above 1 minute DEMO Reel JUST shows you the tip of the functionality that the FOREX GAMBIT system is designed to give you, which is more complex than what can be described in such a short period of time.

A True Trading ❝GAME CHANGER❞ is Upon Us:

WE all know that the market boils down to a ❝Numbers Game❞ — If you knew you could invest in a system/strategy and tool that could (FINALLY) reverse your destiny as a trader, would that interest you?

Invest an hour of your time to explore the difference our FOREX Gambit System & Zenner GUN Strategy can make for your trading and...

𝕋  Learn how you can eliminate much of the market forecasting you do, and how the Robot/EA (Expert Adviser) that implements the Strategy can protect you when the Markets act IRRATIONAL to your trading plan, and moves against you

𝕋  See the network of opposing EA's kick in and start HEDGING your initial BETS in the opposite direction, while leading the trade to a NET positive OUTCOME

𝕋  Watch as this happens regardless of the fact that the Markets have moved ADVERSLY against your initial preferred direction of choice

𝕋  Observe the magic of the science behind the robot — Witness your Bet in the Market as it gets straightened out and becomes RIGHT, even when your original bet was WRONG!!!

𝕋  Discover that this can be used in the FOREX 28 major currency pairs…As well as the GOLD, OIL AND the Bit Currency Markets!!

Make no mistake. Trading is, and will STILL be risky, but with the proper guidance & tools at your fingertips, what we offer can lower those risks significantly. See how our clients are using The ZENNER GUN System to take some of the tediacy OUT of trading, and freeing up more of their leisure time, NOT being glued to a PC Monitor.

If you have at least an average IQ, and are trainable, then you CAN do this. We've done the hard science and mathematics for you. We've eliminated most of the overwhelming premarket analysis with a strategy and tool that change all that, and turn that ❝Numbers Game❞ on its' head. 

The founder of Zenner Trading, Mr. Boyan Atanassov was first introduced to Financial Markets trading in 1999, when he first graduated the On-Line Trading Academy in Irvine, California. After that he followed through with taking additional classes at the Day Trading University, led by Ken Calhun. Having dedicated a lot of his personal time to Automated trading, he has read a lot of literature on the subject from famous authors like George Soros's ❝Alchemy of Finance❞, Bill Williams's ❝Trading Chaos❞, and Larry Pesavento's ❝Fibonacci Ratios with Pattern Recognition❞ to name a few, as well as explored opportunities to build indicators and trading signals for ESignal as ActiveX components and add-ons to a popular Charles Schwab execution platform at the time.

While at the very beginning, Boyan was involved only in equities trading with MB Trading, California, he has started to actively pursue new market opportunities and has felt more comfortable with the Spot Foreign Exchange market ever since.

Boyan Atanassov

Founder, Head Trader & Chief Developer

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Risk Disclosure: Information at this webinar is for educational purposes only. Past performance does not guarantee future results. All trading is inherently risky. Trade at your own peril. We do not give recommendations and Actual trades may differ should conditions suddenly and materially change. Never trade with funds you cannot potentially lose, and always trade with the guidance of a professional financial guide of your choosing. 

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