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REMINDER NOTICE - TODAY, Wed., February 8th at 5:30PM EST we feature "Study the INCREDIBLE 'Turtle Trading' Secret Strategy with an Authentic Turtle Trader!" presented by Russell Sands - Original 'Turtle Trader' in Cooperation with


The Turtle Trading System has been proven
for more than 30 years and has produced multiple millionaires!


 DATE: Wednesday, February 8th
TIME: 5:30PM EST / 4:30PM CST / 2:30PM PST


Now you too can learn more about this Turtle Trading strategy with simple trading secrets that even the average trader can execute.

 System can be auto-traded OR traded manually - YOU CHOOSE - Whatever suits your trading style best for MAX profit.
 Gain access to Trend Trading secrets from a REAL "Master of the Market"
 Advice for any type of trader in all markets
 How a successful Turtle Trading strategy works
 Learn what it’s like to trade like a REAL Turtle

Our host is one of the original Turtles who learned to trade back in 1983 from a world renowned trader named Richard Dennis who named his group of students "The Turtle Traders". After a brief but intensive training period, all of the Turtles learned to become "Masters of the Markets". In one amazing year, the Turtles managed to collectively make over $426 Million in profits.

Who is Russell Sands

Russell has seen all types of market conditions and has the education and proven methodology to perform successfully regardless of market conditions. Presidential elections, oil spills, economic news updates, disasters, market crashes, and international events don't pose a fear for Russell. His original Turtle methodology has never needed an upgrade or a reason to change, regardless of what is going on in the world.

Russell learned to trade back in 1983 from a gifted trader named Richard Dennis who named his students "Turtle Traders". Many believe the Turtle Trading program is one of the greatest success stories in the history of trading.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what happened:

Richard Dennis was a successful Chicago trader and money manager who had turned an initial $400 family loan into an astounding $200 million - a wonderful rags to riches story.

Despite what others argued, Richard firmly believed that successful futures trading methods could be taught. He went out and recruited 14 people - some of whom had no trading experience - and taught them his trading methods.

One of those people was Russell Sands.

Richard called his students his "Turtles". After a brief but intensive training period, they learned to become "masters of the markets". In one amazing year the Turtles managed to collectively make over $426 million in profits.

Flash forward to today...Russell Sands is one of two original Turtle Traders who has permission to teach Richard Dennis’ original Turtle Trading strategies. Russell has now adapted these same methods to the commodity futures, stock indexes, Forex currencies, options, and ETFs. Now you have the opportunity to learn these same trading methods directly from Russell himself.

DATE: Wednesday, February 8th
TIME: 5:30PM EST / 4:30PM CST / 2:30PM PST

 Don't miss your chance to watch this trading legend discuss the strategy live - Join us at Online Trader Central, Wednesday, February 8th, one hour past the close of the US Markets (5:30PM ET) - We'll look forward to seeing you
ALL at the webcast!



Russell Sands - Original Turtle Trader
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