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REMINDER NOTICE -TODAY, January 21st at 4:30PM EST we feature "Standing on the Shoulder of a Global Trade Titan" presented by David Dube, Founder & Lead Trader @ Polaris Trading Group for Futures Traders


Please join us for an educational packed hour with David D Dube of Polaris Trading Group (PTG). During this webinar event, David will discuss various Trading Strategies and Techniques he has learned during his career as Professional Market Maker at Investment Banks, in which you as an individual trader can put to practical utility in your own trading. Tapping into the Auto-Trading power of today’s trading platforms, retail traders can compete on a more level trading playing field with the professional hedge fund trader.

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Global Trade Titan Award Article (Futures Truth Magazine - Issue #1 2016)

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Mr. Dube is a thirty-three year trading veteran of investment banks, such as Lehman Brothers, UBS Investment Bank and various High Frequency Hedge Funds.

David's interests outside trading include golf and aerobatic flying. He sees direct competitive correlations among these activities with trading. David notes that there are strong parallels between becoming an accomplished aerobatic pilot and becoming an accomplished futures trader, such as having strong desire, dedication to learning, persistence of practice, discipline in following rules and procedures to keep you flying (i.e. trading) as safely as possible in an often turbulent environment.


We're looking forward to seeing you ALL at the webcast!




David Dube - Founder & Lead Trader
Polaris Trading Group for Futures Traders

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Risk Disclosure: All Trading Involves Some Risk. You should never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose - Please see our policies & terms on their website.


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