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REMINDER NOTICE, TODAY, Monday, September 25th at 4:30PM ET we are proud to feature 'Earn $20K/Mo Trading Only 1/2 Hr/Day'  Presented by Melissa Armo, Founder & Market Expert @ The Stock Swoosh, LLC

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You are invited to this webinar to learn:
What institutional money looks like & why its important to spot it before entering a trade.
What strategy you can trade to earn $20K/month in the market.
Why shorting can yield significant profits quickly.
Why the #1 key to success as a day trader is having one focus daily.

It is possible to make money consistently in the market. However, honestly most people are all over the place with their trading set ups and strategies. In order to be successful it takes one focus with conviction. Trading is a skill. You can learn this skill from me and follow in the trading room daily after the two day trading course. To find out more about my system and strategy come to this webinar.

If you are serious about becoming a professional trader and your future - then attend this webinar.

"Empowering people with a complete and detailed education to
become profitable traders!"

Melissa Armo is the owner of The Stock Swoosh, LLC. which she founded in December of 2012. She is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Gettysburg College. Melissa had a very successful career as a mortgage broker for 17 years. She gave it up in 2008 to pursue her love for trading. Melissa became a very successful trader after she developed her own system for trading that relies on capitalizing on the big moves that occur near the open of the stock market every day. She has built an international business that informs clients how to trade successfully utilizing her system.

Melissa runs her own trading room, and speaks through on-line seminars to clients around the world. Melissa also runs regular courses, again to inform and teach people how to make the most of their abilities in the marketplace.

In her free time Melissa likes to work out, read, write, and dance. She loves NYC and James Bond movies.


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Melissa Armo
- Owner & Market Expert

Call The Stock Swoosh @ (929) 320-0427
Skype Name: Stock Swoosh


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