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LIVE MARKET EVENT - Special Early Start Time: Friday, October, 6th,  we are proud to feature a special 2 Part Session:

Part I at 8 - 8:45AM (Eastern Time):'LIVE Trading the Non Farm Payroll News Report - [NFP]' presented by Leigh Goldstein, Director of & Part II at 8:45 - 9:30AM (Eastern Time): 'Become a PROFITABLE PRO TRADER & Pay Yourself Handsomely!' presented by Mark Sachs, Founder & Lead Trader @

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Join us Friday, October 6th at a special early start time of 8:00AM Eastern Time for this exclusive live trading webcast featuring two EXPERT Traders, Mark Sachs & Leigh Goldstein who will be live trading when the Non-Farm payroll reports come out, and YOU'RE INVITED... 

2 Perspectives to Profit in the Futures Markets 

 “Live Trading the Non Farm Payroll Reports”
❋ THENEWSTRADERS.COM - Leigh Goldstein8:00AM - 8:45AM (EDT)

 See these 2 Recent & Profitable NEWS Trades:


 A Daily Live Trade Room where they are Trading many different types of futures contracts (i.e. Bonds, Gold & others)

☑ Laser Focus on Maximizing profits & Capital Preservation, Pinpointing the best, and most profitable news reports to trade

 Specialized tools for News Trading, their Spike Trading is used daily, you see them trading in your face, it's extremely fast paced market action

 The Trap Trade 2.0 Software, which lends itself to "No More Slippage"

 Selective Trading --> We Help You Choose The News That Makes You Money - Notifying You of Reports IN ADVANCE to Trade!

☑ Hourly HONEST and Interactive Q & A About the News Releases that MATTER for you to turn QUICK PROFITS...


 Become a PROFESSIONAL PROFITABLE TRADER & Pay Yourself Handsomely!
RIGHTLINETRADING.COM - Mark Sachs, 8:45AM - 9:30AM (EDT)

  Please review the video of 2 Example trades from the Live Trade Room (NQ +$565.00) below: 

If you think you can make $250,000 a year trading 20 minutes a day then you should not come to this webinar. BUT if you are willing to put in the effort and want to be a professional trader, then you should check out what we have to say. D. Moer did and he won the 2016 Topstep Trader Summer Games making $54,047 and going 21 straight days without taking a losing trade.

Our analysis involves a multi-time frame assessment of momentum, order-flow and trend. This is what provides the signals with so much predictive power. Our REVOLOUTIONARY CASH METRICS INDICATOR looks at 16 volume and tick metrics on the Dow, NASDAQ, Russell 2000 Index and E-mini S&P 500 cash markets. This analysis provides you with the ability to trade Futures and Stocks with amazing accuracy. No other commercial trader has this information available to them.

 Spot a Multi-Time Frame Trend with Ease.

 Use Volume to Create Powerful Areas of Support and Resistance.

☑ Trade Gaps with Amazing Accuracy.

 Trade Market Open with Great Precision.

 Trade Any Stock, Future or Forex Market on Any Time-Frame.


The Key is being able to determine the future direction of price on any market with great accuracy. Remember that market direction is determined by institutional money and that is exactly what the CASH METRICS INDICATOR tracks.



Leigh Goldstein - Director & Live Trade Room Lead Trader

The News Traders

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Mark Sachs - Founder & Lead Trader
Right Line Trading
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DisclaimerAll Trading Involves Some Risk. You should never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose - Please see the full disclaimer, policies & terms on our respective website - Terms -

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