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Reminder Notice: TODAY,  Wednesday, October 11th at 4:30PM ET we feature ❛1ST GOAL: Virtually NO Losing Days — NOT $$!! Do This & 6-Figure $$ Will Come Naturally!❜ presented by Dr. Bill McDowell of BillsRoom


Visit BillsRoom & you’ll almost never see any of the real money traders having a losing day!

The SecretYou learn ‘scalp first’ entries and then ‘see’ ALL trends when they occur by following Real-Time-Price-Action ‘TELLS’ in the ‘far-right-edge’ bar formation without relying primarily on ‘predicting’ using past-data indicators as most all unsuccessful traders do!


SUCCESSFUL STUDENT QUOTE: ❝A good trader is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.❞ 

DR. BILL QUOTE: ❝The most expeditious path to becoming a good trader is to find a process for learning the necessary skills that successful traders have previously followed, and get them to help you do what they did, namely develop your own Trading Plan that works for you. In BillsRoom, unlike any other room, we have a process for developing a personalized Trading Plan that works for you, and the support system needed as you develop and test it.❞ 

Most everything marketed to day traders involves predictive rules and tools for trend trades based on past price/time data. Unfortunately, such predictive methods just don’t work consistently for most traders! You likely have found that out the ‘hard way’. There’s another way you almost never hear about that really works. What really works, is trading real-time price-action TELLS seen at the Far-Right-Edge of very: short term charts. This is something scalpers typically do, but just try to find a venue to learn scalping skills — they’re almost non-existent. The reason is there’s no big money in it for those who seek to make lots of money selling "stuff" to traders — which incidentally, I don’t.

Our approach involves learning 3 unique skills using a defined process that includes perfecting them with extensive practice using ‘Market Replay’ sim-trading 24/7. It can be described as learning to trade like a scalper first as you enter a trade but at the same time holding the option open of 'letting a winner' run for a trend trade if and when you 'see' sufficient momentum propelling the trade beyond a limited scalp-profit exit. Important fact that few trend traders understand: Essentially ALL trend trades begin with a valid scalp entry.



INVITATION: If you're not a consistently profitable trader, you're likely 'looking for trades in all the wrong places', to paraphrase the song. Perhaps for you it's just some of your trades that cause you too many losers. Unlike my students you likely haven't mastered RTB skills both for trade entries and post-entry-trade-management (PETM), along with the skill of knowing when 'not trading' is the right decision. Crucial concept: 'not trading is trading' and it's the most difficult thing to learn. This all means that unlike my students your average end-of-day losing trades aren't averaging less than 20%, your net losses aren't averaging less than half your net profits, and you have too many losing days.

Please join my students and me for this webinar - and the more detailed followup extended sessions on Saturdays at Noon Eastern. The Saturday sessions allow ample opportunity for Q & A, and usually a chance to meet and communicate with some of my students - who often attend these events. We're transparent in everything we do. Thus, 'private messaging' is always available — which i can't see. If you can't attend, free recordings are available simply by emailing a request to: DRWMCD@GMAIL.COM.

Just contact Dr. Bill for free easy access to these Saturday Sessions - or free recordings, including this and prior Webinars at: DRWMCD@GMAIL.COM. 



DisclaimerAll Trading Involves Some Risks. You should never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose - Past performance is not necessarily indicative of potential future results.


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